Why Use a Watch and Not a Smartphone to Tell Time

In this era of smartphones that do everything many other devices used to do a few years ago, the watch as a way to tell time or a piece of clothing has been relegated to the back burner.

However, looking at how damaged the world has become due to the smartphone, watch enthusiasts have decided that watches do have some advantages over smartphones.

Here is a list of the advantages you would gain from using a watch rather than a smartphone.

Better connection with those around you

It has been said that smartphones help you connect with those far away from you and push you farther away from those that are near you. For example, there are many groups of friends who will be sitting together but not having a conversation. This is because each one of them is engrossed by what they are doing on their phones.

By using a watch, you will never find yourself in this situation. Getting distracted by the phone takes a second if you decide to check the time on your smartphone and hours later, you are still on social media chatting or just carried away by memes.

Watches are more valuable

There are many types of watches. Most watches especially Scandinavian watches are more expensive than smartphones. Further, the longer you hold on to a watch the more valuable it becomes.

On the other hand, smartphones lose value the longer you own it. Every year, smartphone manufacturers update their products. Having last year’s model means that it loses value and you will always want to upgrade your phone.

Can become a family heirloom

As already mentioned, watches can be used as a store of value. This means that it can be handed down generations and the longer it lives the more valuable it becomes. This helps develop a unique attachment with loved ones who have passed away. Owning a watch that was owned by your parents or grandparents helps keep their memory alive and create a feeling of connectedness as a family.

Smartphones on the other hand rarely last long enough to see or be handed down a generation.

Status symbol

Wearing a watch can announce to the world that you are a successful person or a person who loves the finer things in the world. As mentioned, there are watches that are very pricey. Wearing a watch like this communicates to the world my values and ideals.

It also offers some information about my personality and the kind of person I am.

People take you more seriously when you wear a watch

This is especially true in a professional setting. People who wear watches are considered to be serious with time and do not allow distractions to get in their way.

In Europe, for example, a large number of senior company executives wear watches.

Helps you avoid distractions

When you wear a watch, you do not have to reach for your phone every time you need to check the time. Even a smartwatch that is connected to your phone ensures that you can quickly glance at the alerts that are coming into your phone and get back to work as quickly as possible.

Going for the phone, however, will lead to going down a rabbit hole of distractions. Social media, calls and even playing games with people across the world are some of the distractions that come with smartphones and cause you not to focus on your work.

Watches are cost-effective

Once you buy your watch, you do need to spend more money to use it, unlike your smartphone. A watch has no subscriptions and will last a lifetime.

For smartphones, you will need periodic subscriptions and regular upgrades which cost more money.


As you can see, watches are more beneficial to an individual than a smartphone. We cannot negate the importance of a smartphone in this day and age; however, a watch does have several advantages over it.