Things You Should Never Buy on a Yard Sale

  1. Baby Bottles. Baby bottles should never be sold on a yard sale in the first place. Though some people may say that these may be sterilized and would be fine once again, using someone else’s bottles is so unhealthy. Isn’t it that you would like to give your child the best he could probably have? Then start with BRAND NEW bottles for your little one!
  2. Breast Pumps. Most breast pumps these days are no longer closed system, thus, it may be infested with bacteria. Breast milks are surely the best thing we could offer our children, but without proper handling, it will never be that best anymore.
  3. Makeups. It is unhygienic to buy used makeup products from yard sales. Chances are you might get infections such as conjunctivitis and cold sores. There is also a huge chance that the makeup products you intend to buy are already expired.
  4. Undergarments and Swimsuits. Some merchants sell those “used” brassieres, bikinis and swimsuits. These should never be bought used because these were all used extremely close to the body.
  5. Computer software. These files come with licenses which may only be used once by a single user. If you are going to buy used software, there is a huge chance that you may not be able to use it well.
  6. Laptops and Computers. Most people prefer buying used gadgets. Unfortunately, you do not know how these were used or if these were already damaged. In case you are unlucky enough, you might get to purchase a defective item.
  7. Medications. Though you are experiencing the same symptoms, it does not indicate that you have the same illness. Also, whatever is effective to someone else may not be effective on your case.