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Customers Doubt the Preparedness of Ecommerce Stores to Protect Them from Fraud

Security is a growing pain in e-commerce to the extent that, according to a study; consumers doubt the ability of brands to protect their data.

Because there’s a lot of exchange of private data during transactions, online store owners must ensure all customer information they collect doesn’t get into the hands of fraudsters.  And the effects of a breach are detrimental; apart from a bad name, brands end up losing customers, they have spent resources to attract and convert.

Shift, a cybersecurity firm, embarked on a study to analyze the effects of cyber breaches on consumer confidence and loyalty in brands. The market research investigated 2K US shoppers, and one noteworthy finding was that; cyberattacks is a major cause of ruined customer-retailer relationship and the loss of confidence in brands.

“Security is central to ensuring customer satisfaction. Brands must ensure security throughout the shoppers’ journey and protect any information stored … Read the rest