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Save Money On Every Purchase With Cashback Sites

It is quite easy to understand. Cashback sites function like affiliate sites. They team up with retailers to help the product providers market their products and services and to enable customers to get the desired products and services at a discounted price. The cash return customers receive is actually a part of the commission the website receives for its promotional efforts. Cashback sites pay shoppers an online shopping rebate for every purchase made via their site. It is accumulated and returned in the form of cash or credited to the shopper’s bank account. Payments are also made via PayPal or rebated in the form of gift vouchers.

Thus, you shop the same way you do otherwise. The only distinction is that at the end of the day you earn some extra money back. A few websites also offer customers cash rewards for referrals. It might either be a one-time fee … Read the rest

About Cashback


Many may say that the cashback trend is new to the industry. But that is not the case. It was started long back by credit card companies who used to give discounts if you pay for your purchases, restaurant bookings and fuel bills through their card. This extra discount amount was transferred in the bank account of the credit card holder later. Such offers have today taken the name of cashback.

Things to take Care

However, there are a few things that need to be taken care of if one goes for such offers. The first and foremost thing to consider is that cashback gets added to your bank account once your transaction is confirmed and successfully tracked. This usually takes 60 days. It is so because the seller does not offer any commission until and unless the return period gets over. Another thing that users needs to keep … Read the rest