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Debunking Black Friday Myths

Doorbuster deals are only available at brick-and mortar stores

This is untrue because if you like shopping online you will come across great deals that are similar to those available in physical stores.

This means that if you are fond of waiting in line for hours in order to get a doorbuster deal, you are most likely wasting your time. To shop fast and at the comfort of your house, you should look online and you will most definitely find a great deal.

Luxury items are never sold

Although, black Friday is known as a blockbuster event for cheap items, there are some stores that sell high-end items at low prices. For example, it’s common to find electronic devices and some jewelry selling at very low prices.

Doorbusters are almost free

While it’s true that the doorbusters are cheap, they are not free. Research firms have found that retailers create … Read the rest

Insanisms of Black Friday

Having put in nearly a full week of dinner preparation for our friends and relatives to come by and gorge themselves into oblivion, we are expected to get up early the next day for the Black Friday Deals; the hoops that merchants have cleverly devised for us to jump through. The lines we wait in til the store opens, the deadlines we must meet, the sleeping in line over night. I call them insanisms: the not so smart things we put ourselves through to get what we want when holiday shopping. In this instance Christmas shopping. I also believe that the food from the previous day puts a strain on our brains and interferes with normal brain activity.

An example of insanisms could be to stand or sit in line for hours til the store opens; or worse would be to sleep in line over night to be able … Read the rest