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Create Unique Birthday Gifts

Unique Birthday Gifts For Her

Handbags can be customised in a similar manner too or you can create an incredible graffiti bag. Either choose a photo to have printed on one side of the bag or write a brief message and have this printed in a unique and colourful graffiti style font.

Choosing Photos

Bags are just one range of photo gift that can be customised with pictures and text and many others exist. Choose one of your own favourite photos of the recipient or use one that you know they are especially proud of in order to create a unique and personal, personalised birthday gift.

Using A Single Photo Or Creating A Photo Montage

Unique birthday gifts are so unique because they incorporate a photo of or relating to the recipient. You don’t even have to limit yourself to choosing just a single photo either. Unique birthday gifts can … Read the rest

Customized Birthday Gifts

  1. Customized Pen – A pen is a very low-cost gift item but in order to make it unique, you need to customize it with something special such as your friend’s name or birthdate. This will make the pen not just an ordinary mass-produced pen but a specially personalized pen for your friend only. Doing this, you have created a special feeling in the mind of your friend which he or she will surely appreciate.
  2. Customized Notebook – Everyone uses a notebook either for school use, office use, or other purposes. An ordinary notebook may not be very exciting to give as a birthday gift but a customized notebook will definitely make a mark and will be very much appreciated. You can customize a notebook with your friend’s picture and name to make it unique and stand out from the other gifts. Your friend will appreciate and love this because you
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Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalized Bottle Lamp

From the widest range of personalized gifts, bottle lamps are trending a lot these days. It can be personalized with her best photographs and with some romantic quote or text too. No wonder, this gift will make her feel spellbound and madly loved.

Birthday Cake and Flower Combo

How can cake be missed from birthday celebration of the sweetheart? To make her special day, a memorable one for her, the combo of birthday cake with beautiful flowers can do wonders in making her feel loved. Despite picking birthday flowers for her, this combo is definitely the best to make her feel special on the special day. Also, at online gift portals, such combos are available with nationwide and worldwide delivery services too.

Black and White Photo Canvas

If she owns some very photogenic photographs, one of those can be converted to a magnificent Black and White Photo … Read the rest