Saving Money in a Recession and Still Buying Brand Named Items


Some people think that they have to pay full price because unless food is close to the sell by date, supermarkets won’t lower the price. This is true for most supermarkets. People do have a big choice of supermarkets and some sell the items for cheaper than others, but you are talking about penny savings rather than pound savings.

However, when you go shopping for food, you should be looking for the sale aisle. Every supermarket has them, but sometimes it is just a shelf on an aisle and there is not much on there, but it depends on what time of day that you are going there.

On the sale aisle or shelf, there will be items that have been packaged wrong, or the package is damaged. The supermarket will not put them on the correct shelf with the other items because they won’t sell.

Therefore, they put them on a sale shelf and sometimes they list them for 80% off the original price. They might have items that are the brand that you want and there is nothing wrong with the food inside the can. It is just a case that the package is damaged and people won’t pay full price for it.


A lot of people are selling off their cars because they can’t afford them. Therefore, the 2nd hand market is the place to buy a car now. You should not be thinking of buying a car brand new from a dealership because it loses value as soon as it is driven off the car lot.

In the 2nd hand market, you are getting good value for money and you could get the brand name car that you are looking for without spending all the money that you have. It is the more sensible way to buy your items.


People spend a lot of money on their clothes. This is because they wear their clothes a lot and sometimes they wear down. However, in times of recession, people can’t afford to go out and buy their clothes for retail price.

Therefore, you should be hitting the sales. You should buy your winter clothes in the summer sale and your summer clothes in the winter sale, so that you get more money off the original price.

Otherwise, you should be shopping in outlet malls or in online stores, which specialize in selling surplus stock from the high street stores. There is nothing wrong with these items, they are just left over and the stores can’t sell them for the original price.