Paramount Bean Bag Store

History Entailed

The Ahh! Spot bean bag store is located nowadays in Fairfax Virginia, and its clientele is growing more and more, because every day brings around a reminiscing melancholy adult that used to play with beanies when he was young, or a four-year old that nags his mother to buy him one now, more than she will nag him back later for not having done his homework. The entire America knows this bean bag store, for it has built its path with tremendous care for its quality and for the traditions of devising bean bags with different uses. In the year 1998 they came with the bright idea of creating removable and washable bean bag covers that are made of water impermeable micro fiber inside layer. It is not a complicated principle but when it was released, the entire block of existing manufacturers started to emulate the design, but with no use. The Ahh! Spot is as good as its name: every client fins something new there that he didn’t see at the other bean bag stores , and that something has exceptionally good quality.

Size & Color Matters

The Ahh! Spot Bean Bag Store hasn’t maintained the first place with drinking coffee in the afternoon or going to complimentary trips and parties: they work hard to satisfy everyone passing through Fairfax Virginia. That is why the custom made bean bag series of products, the infinite diversity appears when talking about this bean bag store. They use all types of fabric such as the good old fashioned cotton, velvet, denim, faux suede, and many others. If you are a bit more pretentious about the bean bag store you’ve chosen, they can actually comply to your every wish: you just send them the model, or the main idea, the material you like, and the color too, or have your name sewn with the art of embroidery on it, they do it.

For further information you can try and see how they work and with what standards of quality: the other users that have been former clients are sure to pride with buying from the bean bag store that supplies characters and products for the famous TV series “Lost” and for the American Music Awards, HGTV Designers’ Challenge. You can have one too, and not only enhance your comfort in your home, but be in the possession of a collection item.