Online Free Contests

  • Look at the draws – Some will do the draws on a weekly basis and others on a monthly basis. Those offering the draw on weekly basis are better choices because you know you stand the chance to enjoy the gifts every week.
  • Consider the contest rules – What do you need to do to accumulate your points or increase your chances of winning with the contest? In as much as the contests are free, you want to make sure that there isn’t too much you need to do to get to the giveaways. The rules should be simple for you and not require too much of your time or effort. The fact is that there are some contests that can end up exploiting you in the name of giving you free gifts for taking part so be sure that the terms are reasonable and indeed free as the contest claims to be.
  • Check out the giveaways – Are they items that you really need or would love to have? If you feel they are good enough for you, you can join the site and enter into the competitions. By looking at the user reviews and feedback, you can find out how genuine the giveaways are as a motivator for you.
  • Consider the cost of shipping – Any free contest that is free indeed should not end up requiring you to make payments for your shipping. You should enjoy free shipping as long as you are within the area that the contest is designed to cover. It also helps to find out how much time you have to claim your prize.