Hot Bridesmaid Gift Idea


Generally you can find the tote bags for pretty cheap. And, if you shop online you can find the bag you like at the cheapest price anywhere. This is great because it will allow you to save some extra money. Also, you don’ t have to have the bags embroidered the same place you buy them. That is unless they offer free embroidery and in that case then it would be a really good idea. Just search around for the best tote bag at the lowest price and then either have them personalized from the store you bought them from or take them to a specialty shop that specializes in embroidery.


Many brides will buy bridesmaids gifts that are cool yet they have no function whatsoever. So, they eventually get stored away on a shelf somewhere to practically be forgotten. However, personalized tote bags will actually be remembered for years to come because they are so useful. They are especially useful the weekend of the wedding because the bridesmaids can carry all their extras in a neat little bag personalized with their initials.


When you decide to buy your bridesmaids personalized tote bags do not feel like they have to match. You can go wild here and pick out a different tote for each girl and then have them personalized in different fonts and thread colors. So, while you are giving the same gift to each bridesmaid they are personalized, which will make them even more special! Consider floral, animal prints, solids, stripes, checks, and the like when looking for a particular tote. If you have a beach bum bridesmaid then find a tote with a beach scene or sunglasses on it. A wild bridesmaid might really appreciate an animal print, and so on and so forth. Just think of your bridesmaids and what they might like when picking out patterns and you will have a lot of fun.