Eco Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts

Find Corporate Gift Companies with Eco-friendly Wrapping Process

If you are thinking of wrapping up the most awaited corporate gifts, find a brand or company that will use recycled paper gift bags or even jute gift pouches to wrap up these gifts. Take help of Internet, search and search more – demands will sure make these companies adhere to your requirements.

Make Daily-Use Items Your Gift Wraps

Utilize your money as also your efforts buying daily use items such as pillow covers, beach towels, decorative bed sheets or organic cloth bags that can be creatively used to wrap up the gifts. This way, gifts as well as the wrappers can be use- double bonanza- did you say!

Reuse the Brown Bags, Holiday Gift Bags and Gift Wrappers

Next time, you get a gift, ensure you don’t throw away the gift wrapping bags or papers. Store them. Reuse them to wrap the gifts you’ll give away to your loved ones. If you don’t like the idea of using brown paper bags, just try your hands on finger painting or stamp painting (make stamps with as common a thing as erasers and potatoes). Dip your fingers or stamps in paints and make beautiful designs on the brown paper bags. Now use them for gift wrapping.

Unique Gift Tags made from Old Business Cards

Need gift tags to scribe on? Just get hold of some old business cards. Take two of them at a time and glue them on the printed sides with craft glue. Tie a string using the unused wool yarn or ribbon lying around, by punching a hole on the tag. Paint or paste some interesting graphics on the tag and now write whatever your heart wishes to communicate to the gift receiver.

Don’t just Wrap up the Attractive Containers

The manufacturers so interestedly choose and make the designs of their containers. Why waste all the efforts. Let them be attractive as they are. If giving something like cookies or chocolates, fill them in attractive bowls with lid- great gift container. Buy a watering can and fill it with gardening supply for your nature loving friend- he will sure like the gift as well as the gift holder. If they don’t give the looks of a gift like this, just tie a ribbon or a scarf in an innovative style around the container, hang a gift tag made of old business card and just give it away.