Create a WordPress Shopping Store

Type of online store

There are many types of online stores. You need to make a decision as to which one will make your aspirations come true. The gallery view store and the standard view store are two types of online stores that are popularly used by WordPress users.

The gallery view store

This type of store adds to the believability of your store. It is also a very smart way to configure your permanent link structure before actually doing anything else. This is because it is quite good for the purpose of SEO and can also prevent any type of headache going forward.

Create a customized home page

As you would naturally want your home page to include a certain gallery for your online shop, you will also have to move the blog post to some other page. This is extremely simple with the help of the backend version of WordPress.

Make good use of the navigation menu

The navigation menu will make things easy for both you as well as the visitors to your website. Remember that you do not have to click home page because it is already included in your menu of navigation.

Upload all your gallery images

You can now return to your dashboard and click on Media. Later you can upload each of the images that you want to use for your gallery view. You can then set the height and width of the images based on your preference. After uploading each image, copy the URL for that particular image. Repeat this for all the product images.


Make sure the content that is on your store appeals to the visitors. This can help you to make the most out of your website. There is always a reason to make a shopping store and make sure that yours is a fruitful one. Otherwise all your hard work is going to be in vain. It is one of the important things to remember.