Choosing A Perfume For Thanksgiving

The holiday of Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the family over an immense meal. Your perfume should therefore ideally be something that goes with the theme. At the same time, you should avoid wearing something that is overpowering because this can cause discomfort to the people sitting around you.

  • Spicy scents: Perfumes that have strong spicy notes will be perfect for a Thanksgiving feast. Look for perfumes that contain a scent of ginger, honey, chocolate or cinnamon. These scents tend to be very warm and welcoming, making them perfect for when the weather turns cooler.
  • Vanilla: This is a very popular scent that pairs well with other scents. In fact, vanilla is also a very mild scent that most people like. It is unlikely to help you take center stage but it makes for a beautiful perfume nevertheless.
  • Fruity notes: Orange, lime, blackberry and citrus are gorgeous scents that are used in many popular perfumes. These scents are very exciting and will certainly help you get a great deal of attention.
  • Floral scents: While most floral scents are mild, they can be made exciting when blended with other scents. In fact, they can become very sensual when paired with strong scents such as spices, musk, amber or sandalwood.

It is no exaggeration that selecting the right perfume can be a very tough job. However, if you have a fair idea of what kind of perfume you are looking for then you can narrow down your search considerably.