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Gladstone Bag

The murder happened in Eastbourne in England and the story goes that the murderer placed his victim’s head in a Gladstone bag which he took by train to Waterloo station and disposed of it through a window on the train. He placed the bag itself in London’s Waterloo railway station left luggage office where the police ultimately discovered it because of a piece of bloodstained cloth poking from the fastening of the bag.

Here are some more things you may not know about this iconic item:

  • The name of Somerset Maugham was inextricably linked to this iconic item of luggage by English novelist Christopher Isherwood who compared Maugham to “an old Gladstone bag covered with labels. God only knows what is inside.”
  • In The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger talks about his main character Holden Caulfield packing a Gladstone bag when taking leave of Pencey Prep. In her
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Giving Out Baby Shower Loot Bags

It’s not difficult to create cute little gift bags for your guests and you are almost certain to have fun deciding what to put in them. Is the party going to be more wacky and silly or do you want something a little more formal and calm? The theme of your party would affect what kind of loot bags you make.

For a fun, silly kind of party you may want to pick up gag gifts for your loot bags. Things like adult diapers are inexpensive and make a great item to add to the loot bags and laugh over with the guests. You can also include some food. There are companies that specialize in making themed candies and you could certainly find something suitable. I’ve heard of one woman who had baby shaped chocolates at her party. The guests did a lot of talking about that nifty treat.

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Organza and Cellophane Bags

I recommend you spend a little bit of time and consider what kind of party favors you will have at your party. Are you interested in giving party favors out to people who come? One of the most popular techniques is to leave a bag of candy on each table as a party favor.

If you are considering party favors, there are many options for laying them out. I very much recommend Organza bags. You’ve almost definitely seen these: they are the bags that you can wrap candy in, with small thin holes so you can also see into the bag! The best option is to wrap candy in one of these bags and then tie the bag with a ribbon!If you embed the name of the event, such as ‘Jim and Jane’s Wedding ’09’ into the ribbon, your party favor will look beautiful.

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Fabric Gift Bags

Considered an alternative to gift wrapping, since 2002 they have become the number one choice of most people for preparing ceremonial and holiday gifts. Going far beyond the traditional paper bags and wraps, gift bags made out of fabric include not only reliable traditional designs but newer trendier designs – both on reusable earth friendly bags.

Considered an upcoming gift accessory over the past few years or so, most fabric bags used for gifts are made of stylish and recyclable materials. Over the years, their purposes have grown – used for not only fabric gift bags but grocery bags, tote bags, overnight bags, flat bags used for bills or paperwork, baby tote bags and school or work bags.

A fabric bag that you gift today may end up as a child’s library book bag or a pajama bag while visiting the grandparents. The bags can either be a drawstring fabric … Read the rest

Luxury Gift Bags

One of the best places you will find to research and shop for these luxury gift bags is that of the internet. Here you will find numerous shops which have a range of the ones that are available at varying prices. Some of them will be inexpensive but well made quality ones. Others will be very expensive due to the material, designer, and embellishments which can be found on these bags. The materials which are used in the construction may also impact the price that you will need to pay. As you look on the internet stores you will see the luxuriously made ones in satin sheened cardboard, velvet drawstring pouches, handcrafted leather bags, clear cellophane ones and many others.

In addition to these materials you will find that luxury gift bags can come in various sizes, colours, shapes and even themes. It is possible these days to custom order … Read the rest

Handmade Gift Bags

While it is true for the most part that these party bags will be thrown away before long there is something infinitely appealing about making a bag which is unique. This is precisely the reason why the use of handmade gift bags can be better then the ones that you can buy. You also have the fact that these bags can be customised for each child if you desire. The many different materials that can be used in the creation of these bags will afford you endless possibilities for creating a bag which is special and hardy.

As you look at the ways that you can make these bags, there is one fact that you must keep in mind. When you are making these bags you should not use small items which can be taken out as these can be lost or little children can harm themselves with these items. … Read the rest

Paper Carrier Bags

If you wish to use paper carrier bags there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. If you treat these bags well, it is possible to be able to use them many times before they should be recycled. The better the quality of bag, the longer they will last for without tearing or showing other signs of wear. Because there are so many different types of paper bags, you will want to take a few easy steps to educate yourself on the types of bags that are available and how you can make the most use of them in your day to day life. The most important thing you must realize is that not all carrier bags are created equal, and not all of these paper bags are like the kind you get in grocery stores. Paper bags do not necessarily need to be brown … Read the rest

Need a Last Minute Gift

Practical, whimsical or home deco items with cat or dog themes are favorites of most pet people. Pillows, boxes or pictures of cats or dogs can enhance their decor, while serving practical purposes. Coasters, artwork and prints that you can also frame for that special touch are also appealing, while t-shirts, robes and other apparel with feline and canine embellishment can win them over.

Also on the practical, yet creative side, consider purchasing a notebook with protective sleeves and slip in a photo or collage of their favorite furry friends. This personalized item can serve to hold special pet records, pet photos, journal or diary entries, or any number of unique purposes.

Pet clothes are popular and fun and can become superb Christmas gifts for dog and cat lovers. Blankets or bedding that can be specially embroidered with the cat’s or dog’s name are other appreciated pet gift ideas.

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Wine Gift As a Fancy

It’s not necessary to be a professional wine taster to choose perfectly suitable wine. The key is to know a few basic things about wines. For your gift basket, you can pick a red wine, a white wine and couple wings of Rose.

Red Wine

Red wine can be from Merlots to Shiraz. Merlot and Zinfandel are good choices beside Pinot Noir. Good thing about Merlots is that they are very light with mixture of herbs and berries. For who loves pasta and pizza, Zinfandels a traditional Italian production wine, is ideal gift. In red wines gamut, the Pinot Noir, definitely is a wine gift hit. Pinot Noir is a red wine grape that have flavor of cherries tea leaves or plums. Pinot Noir basically is a French style.

White Wine

For White wine, you can choose a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Riesling. Chardonnays are universally popular, they may … Read the rest

Ladies Jute Bags

Your dressing sense gets completed with a wonderfully designed handbag which draws the attention of everyone around you. Not necessary that you are carrying a designer label. Instead, a beautifully crafted, hand woven jute bag can easily become the center of attraction. In fact, carrying jute hand bags has become a trend nowadays as they are more eye catching than a branded logo. They are chic, stylish, wonderfully crafted, skin friendly and most important of all available at cost effective prices. Jute handbags are indeed a beautiful addition in the fashion market and make the person carrying it look elegant and fashionable.

Jute is know as the golden fiber as it is an organic fiber, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The weave is slightly coarse which gives it a very natural feel. The fabric doesn’t require any chemical bleaching for weaving or dying. As a result, it is very gentle on … Read the rest