Buying Wholesale Lampwork Beads

If you need these beads in large quantities for your jewelry making then it makes sense to buy them in bulk from wholesale suppliers. However, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when buying wholesale lampwork beads to ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

  • The first thing that you need to understand is that all lampwork beads are not equal in terms of quality. So, make sure that you check the physical characteristics of the these before making a purchase. You must also check that the beads do not have sharp bead holes; their edges should be soft and rounded. Those beads having sharp edges may cut the thread onto which they are beaded; hence the jewelry made from them is not durable. Also, the edges of the beads should be rounded or they may cut your skin.
  • Ensure that you buy these from an expert artisan. Since they are experienced in making the beads, the quality should be better.
  • You will often notice that some lampwork beads have bubbles in them. While some people feel that they enhance the look, it is actually a sign of poor workmanship. Bubbles can weaken the structural integrity of the beads. However, if you like to have bubbles in your beads choose those beads in which the bubbles are not too close to the surface.
  • Another important thing to take note of when buying wholesale lampwork beads is that the lampwork beads you purchase are kiln annealed. Annealing is the process that strengthens the beads and prevents them from cracking suddenly. This process is very important for the durability of the beads.
  • In some beads you may also find chill marks, which are caused due to thermal shocks that can happen when the bead is pressed in a mold. Chill marks appear as tiny rings on the surface and occur when the bead is subjected to uneven heat. Such a process can also cause internal stress on the glass, thereby making them fragile.