Buying Luxury Goods Online


  • Breaking out of the one-brand perception: In online shopping you get to explore several different brands as well as types at once. Example – if you wish to purchase a watch case by one brand, you get to compare it with a watch case offered by another brand. Retail stores can hardly offer this level of unrestricted browsing.
  • Return policy: At a retail store, you can try on a T-shirt and see if it fits you. But after purchase, you won’t get your money back even if you wish to return it. Online shopping offers what the retailers have hardly been able to provide – Freedom to return the product (within a certain deadline). Risky as it might seem to buy a product without getting to check it for real, almost all online shops provide a return option.
  • Convenient shopping: Imagine buying a product like a watch case at a retail shop. Should you go to a watch shop or a gift shop? Which shop is the best? How far is it? When can you go? It would be a pretty tedious task. But online shopping has changed the whole experience. You can go online at midnight. You can browse through hundreds of watch cases within a span of a few minutes and your watch case will arrive at your doorstep.


  • Strictly Virtual: At a retail shop you get to actually check one watch case from another watch case. You can be sure about which one you like better. But at an online store, you may compare hundred types of watch case brands but you will have to strictly depend on the information provided by the seller. Thus, online shopping could be tricky.
  • Immediate possession: If you buy an electronic product at a retail store, you will get it instantly. But if you place an order online, for the same product, you will have to wait for at least a day. One of the major hurdles that e-commerce faces today is the logistics and the average delivery time. While most major e-commerce websites offer a one-day delivery option (with some extra charges), it is different from the immediate ownership that the retailers offer.