Buy a Pop Culture Icon

Elvis Presley still manages to make his way inside homes across the world. There is merchandise being sold with his image on it long after his passing. He has a legendary name, and is seen as an American icon. According to his official website, he starred in more than 30 successful films and won three Grammy awards. He also popularized a new kind of music, and tested the conservative norms during that era. I am sure you know someone that enjoys one of his records, performances or his unforgettable fashion sense. There are a few notable Elvis photographs, one of which is him in his famous white suit singing in Vegas.

Bob Marley is another face we frequently see. Today’s youth has become infatuated with his music, and famous quotes from him are seen all over social media sites. He is also seen on t-shirts, lighters, glasses and baby clothing! His peaceful messages about standing up for your rights, healing the soul and living a life free of judgment make him an icon.

Lighters are a perfect gift idea because they are suitable for all ages. Those of you that do not smoke have a number of things to use them for. Lighters are the perfect gift for those that enjoy candles. Candles make homes smell wonderful and make it appear more inviting to guests. They are also an excellent present for those that enjoy camping because they can be used to light fires, which are used to keep you warm and cook food. For those ladies that enjoy applying makeup, lighters can be used to make your eyeliner go on better. Let me explain: warming your eyeliner prior to using it makes it go on smoother and darker. Companies are carrying lighters with pop culture icons on them making them both a fashionable and useful tool. This holiday season, when you find yourself stumped about what to buy that picky person, try buying them a lighter with their favorite pop icon on it. I am sure they will love it.