Month: October 2019

Do You Really Need A Facial Serum for Your Skin Routine?

Skincare is something that has changed dramatically, even within most of our lifespans. Having a skincare routine is a relatively new concept. Where there was once only a bar of soap, we now have hundreds of products at our disposal, spanning a variety of skin care services. Many of these products exploded onto the market one after the other, with the good surrounded by some gimmicks and duds that forced us to question it all. Determining which products are effective and which are unfounded hype (or just not right for us) can be a difficult and costly game to play, but if you’re equipped with good information before you shop, it becomes easy to utilize this myriad of products to your advantage.

At this point, many factors can motivate us to adopt a skincare routine, from fighting acne to fighting to age. The important thing is knowing which products are … Read the rest

Customers Doubt the Preparedness of Ecommerce Stores to Protect Them from Fraud

Security is a growing pain in e-commerce to the extent that, according to a study; consumers doubt the ability of brands to protect their data.

Because there’s a lot of exchange of private data during transactions, online store owners must ensure all customer information they collect doesn’t get into the hands of fraudsters.  And the effects of a breach are detrimental; apart from a bad name, brands end up losing customers, they have spent resources to attract and convert.

Shift, a cybersecurity firm, embarked on a study to analyze the effects of cyber breaches on consumer confidence and loyalty in brands. The market research investigated 2K US shoppers, and one noteworthy finding was that; cyberattacks is a major cause of ruined customer-retailer relationship and the loss of confidence in brands.

“Security is central to ensuring customer satisfaction. Brands must ensure security throughout the shoppers’ journey and protect any information stored … Read the rest

Essential Dresses come July 1st

It may possibly be challenging determining what to dress in when the temperature goes up and the days grow hotter. There’ll be times when you’d like to appear a lot more elegant, trendy and let’s not pretend – alluring! Making a decision on dresses for the summer tends to make perfect sense, as they can be purchased in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and physical body sizes, so discovering the right ones to suit your style should really be easy. The following Prom Dresses are only a handful of choices for adding as part of your clothes cupboard:

Floor-Length Dresses

Nearly sweeping the floor with your full-length maxi dress gives you an incredibly classy and sophisticated look, particularly for the tallest of young ladies. This truly is a style of dress that is relatively easy to slip on with finishing touches and the added bonus of designer jewelry. Match … Read the rest